Detoxing from Gluten: Fatigue, Pain & Inflammation

by admin on May 11, 2010

(Please forgive me, I actually wrote this in January, but got caught up in the throes of moving and didn’t publish it.)

Well, now I’m a bit over 2 months into this detoxing from gluten.

I was feeling discouraged because I have been not feeling well: feeling easily fatigued, feeling pain in my joints, and swelling there, too. And sometimes, I felt like I was still in a fog. A conversation about some technical aspects of blogging with my compadres went completely over my head, when I knew that I should have been able to clearly follow what was being said. But when the fatigue, the pain and inflammation increased, my mood began dropping.

I found myself trying not to worry about what was happening, but had thoughts of the dreaded fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, and was fighting fear. And without enough energy to get through a normal day, I found it so much more difficult to feel positive and trusting that all is well.

So, at my last appointment with Dr. Ragon, I told him I was trying not to diagnose myself. He asked if I would like him to diagnose me, and I said, “sure”. “This is all part of the detoxing process,” he told me. [RELIEF!] Turns out, my cells are still filled with histamine (which my body created to protect itself from the gluten), and the cortisol that my body produced to fight the histamine just isn’t there now. As the cells are releasing the histamine, there is very little to counter it since my adrenals are very fatigued, and I’m experiencing greater pain and inflammation, to the point where I began saying, “I don’t know this body.”

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid–which acts a bit like cortisol) to the rescue, as well as the expert treatment from Dr. Ragon. Yesterday, I felt as though I were walking like an 80 something year old. Today, it’s a whole other story, and while I can still feel some pain and the inflammation isn’t completely gone–I’m feeling worlds better and younger!

One to three more months and I should be through this process. Do you know how excited I am to experience life on the other side of this? It seems so big to me that to describe it as a second chance, doesn’t seem like an exaggeration!

Best wishes on your own journeys!


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Jon June 12, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Hi Holly,

I just came across your blog. I’m curious as to how this doctor diagnosed you and realized the histamine/gluten connection. How have you been feeling since? What brand of B5 did you use? Did you take any other vitamins/supplements?

For myself, I’ve had chronic tendonitis/shin splints (inflammation in my legs) for nine years. I’ve also been chronic fatigued (trouble sleeping) that entire time as well. I’ve had traditional blood tests done, done both eastern/western treatments for the pain/inflammation, all to no avail. I’ve briefly worked on diet which helped with my energy but not the sleeping or pain.

Not sure where to go from here but your blog gives me hope. Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you soon.


admin June 25, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Hi Jon, Sorry for the late reply. Had some computer complications after a presentation at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in CA. The healthcare practitioner who is treating this is a chiropractor who does Applied Kinesiology (which uses muscle testing in the diagnostic procedures). So he gave me drops of water with gluten and then muscle tested. I take Pantothenic Acid by Progressive Labs. I take other supplements, but he had me add a Vitamin A & E emulsion, silymarin (milk thistle), trace minerals, he later added an iron supplement called ferrousfood, and just now a B12.

I’m going to be writing more about this this weekend, so there will be more info for you there. Have you gone to anyone who can test you for allergies? You can use muscle or energy testing for this and find out a great deal of information in a very short time (and without the expense and discomfort of traditional allergy testing). A chiropractor who does AP can, nutritionists or other practitioners who do NAET can, as well as those who do a process known as BioSet.

I’m glad this gives you hope! It’s why I’m doing it!

And yes, I am feeling so much better in VERY significant ways. There is an answer to what’s causing the inflammation…keep searching and you will find it.

Sigrid Natalia Remoe October 20, 2011 at 10:01 am

I came across this site on search for more information about my gluten/histamine intolerance.
In 1999 I went on holiday to Brazil, and although I was very careful with the water, I succumbed to a caipirinha, which of course had ice cubes. I returned home (Germany at the time) and started feeling ill. As doctors like to look at women and say “it is stress”, it took me 2 years to find out I had been infected with Lamblia Gardia. As the lamblia settles in the intestine, the first symptoms I had was nausea and runs to the toilet several times a day, and after less than a year I was lactose intolerant. The doctors solution was antibiotics, plus more antibiotics to get rid of helicobacta. That is when I noticed I couldnt go to a chineese restaurant anymore, too much MSG on the food. Then, after another year, I was itching all over. As I have cats, I was changing bedsheets all the time thinking they were bringing something from outside. During winter I was reacting allergically to air!! Sneering and nose running. The more I tried to find some dermatologist to check on what I was reacting, the more I was getting “it is stress” answers. Eventually, while I was working in Nürnberg I found one that was checking on allergies even to silicon! Wow, I didnt wait, and after becoming EUR 500,00 poorer for a blood test, I finally got an answer that I am histamine intolerant. So I have been careful, and taking antihistamines from time to time. I do indulge in chocolates and also on wine from time to time. But a friend of mine has been taking a course on kinesiology and testing me, she found no trace of histamine intolerance, but gluten! And after researching, I now find out that indeed, the connection is there. Your post here is therefore very very interesting to me.
Can you tell me if for the gluten detoxing you only avoided food containing gluten, or did you have to take anything else?
I am for sure going to get me some B6 right now!! Thanks for the info :)

admin March 30, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Hi, my deepest apologies for taking so long to answer. I have been caught up with some other major projects lately and have neglected this one. I will write a post today about a number of the things I am doing to help my body heal from celiacs. Thanks for coming to the site and I’m glad it was helpful.

Keep healing!


punky December 4, 2012 at 7:46 pm

I am delighted to see these posts!!! A herbal friend of mine helped me realize about 6 yrs ago that I had a gluten intolerence. At that time I cut out gluten and felt better. From time to time from then till now I have oops and eaten some by mistake and bot I know when I do. The pain is well…unbearable. Lately I have noticed that I have been getting pain and I can’t think of anything I may have eaten by mistake.

Also I should mention that before I knew I have a gluten intolerence, I went to see a chiropractor who worked with me on the mucle testing as well. He found leaky gut issues, and cured me of a sun allergy. He was working with me to fix the leaky gut, and he said from there we would be able to go on and find the root of what caused it….when….he retired.

Due to the pain I am felling now. And my fear that permanent damage or even cancer may be devoloping I have made an appt with another natural healer. In my experience with this intolerence I have found that the majority of modern medical doctors don’t see it as a valid allergy, so try the alternative health practioners they have a better handle on what causes it and how to cure it!!!

Hopefully if we all share our experiences we can help each other through this painful allergy. I believe that this can be cured!!! I have talked with many natural/herbal believers who say that any allergy is caused by a defieciency in your body and when that defieciency is found and filled the allergy will away. With what I experienced with my sun allergy that theory makes perfect sense to me.

My sun allergy I remember always having. If I had exposed skin in the sun I would get hives on my chest. they were so incredibly itchy that I would wake in the night with blood on my chest and nails from scratching. The doc’s gave me many creams and pills to try and help but nothing worked. The man that I mentioned above that worked with me knew what to do right away. He explained to me that I may think him as crazy but…. That if your body rejects someting it’s because you are defiecient in something else. In other words it’s your bodies way of saying…. Hey! something is wrong, pay attention to me, I need something. I wasn’t sure at the time whether to believe this or not. But I had to try something to get relief from my hives. He said that my body needed… sorry I can’t remember the name he used… but It was needing the nutrient found in the whites of an orange. He gave me a high dose of that in a supplememt. He said to take Two a day for a month and see if it helped. I was amazed as a week later my hives were gone! I called and told him so and he didnt seem surprised he even seemed surprised that i was surprised. When the month was done was when I had my next appt with him, as the supplements for hives would be empty, and leaky gut would be healed enough to start on next step he said. I couldn’t what to see what would happen next. When….he retired!! I was upset, but he was a wise and elderly man so not too surprised.

So here I go again down the natural pathe to healing… I’ll post on here how it goes.

I do have some personal questions for others with this intolerence. It may help us all to understand if it’s typical symptoms. Does anyone else feel like when they have a bowel movement that it feels like there is a razor blade in there trying to come out? And for the women do you find that sometimes during intercourse it is uncomfortable, kind of feels like period cramps, or that the inside of your vagina is swollen, and if rubbed in the wrong spot you get a shotting pain? I know… I know… they are very personal questions and please only answer if you feel comfortable doing so. I’m thinkin that maybe because I have had this problem for so long that that is why I am experiencing these things. If it’s tooo personal I do appoligize.

Thank you to all that post here! Lets all try and feel better together!

admin December 6, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Hi Becky! And thanks for your great post! As an Energy Psychologist, I would suggest that you could learn to do tapping (EFT) and use it to release a number of emotional aspects of the kinds of experiences you have had.
Tap on:
1) the fear that you are getting sick again
2) The emotions from your past experiences
3) the pain you are experiencing with bowel movements and during intercourse

There is much more you can do with the tapping too. You could use the basic format to change any limiting or blocking beliefs you may have about all of this.
As you are doing this, you will likely discover other associated emotions and past issues coming up that are associated (even if you don’t know how or why).

You can go to my site: to see a demonstration and to learn how to do the tapping. This site, btw, is under reconstruction and should be
done within days, but you can use what is there on the site now, too.

AND! I totally get both the awkwardness of talking about such personal bodily experiences AND the necessity of doing so!

That being said, the only times I have felt what you have mentioned about bowel movements if if I have internal hemorrhoids. And I’ve not experienced what you
have with intercourse. In the past something like that but different, too. And now, not…

Heather T. January 29, 2013 at 6:37 am

I was just diagnosed with gluten allergy 3 weeks ago. I am 39 and I feel 80 most days. My lower back is so tight along with my leg muscles that i lay in pain at night and cannot sleep. The sciatica alone is enough to cry about.

I get very frustrated when trying to recall something or someone like an actress in a movie or what happened yesterday and my mind goes blank! I thought I was going crazy. I am super moody, and tired all day. my nights and days are mixed up because I cannot sleep at night so I want to sleep all day. Exercise hurts!! I have neuropathy in my hands and feet and face too. Tingling from time to time.

I am glad to know I am not in this alone and there are answers. I recently went to a chiropractor. He told me detoxing from gluten is a BIG DEAL and to be easy on myself. He said it will take 3 to 4 months. yeah! Seems like a long hell…..but I plan to beat this Gluten Demon!

Good luck to all!!

Heather T.

admin January 29, 2013 at 1:55 pm

I’m glad you’ve gone to a chiropractor, Heather. Hopefully, the person does Applied Kinesiiology, whicih, in my experience increases the healing that happens. I look forward to hearing how you are feeling in the 3 – 4 months your chiropractor has suggested it would take. My experience is that it has taken me longer. I didn’t know how many ssytems it had affected in me until I began healing progressively from them. I am happy to say that my brain/mental functioning (what was most disturbing to me) has improved, and now that I am taking a homeopathic for RNA (since my body can’t yet tolerate a more potent form of RNA at this time), my memory is improving.

Might I suggest you learn about tapping (EFT) and begin to use it for the emotional components–the frustration, overwhelm and more that you are feeling. Releasing the powerful, negative emotional charge of all this will speed up your healing considerably and also give you a higher level of healing. You can use this link to watch a powerful video about the amazing effectiveness of EFT: Tapping World Summit.

Happier, by far, trails, to you!


Heather T. January 30, 2013 at 6:56 am


I wanted to answer a bit of your questions…the personal ones, that you had earlier.

what lead me to finding out about my Gluten allergy was for a few months I was having horribly painful bowel movements. They were dry, hard and would not pass. I gave myself some old fashioned enemas, from a bag with water, not these cheap bottled enemas. I would have gas and bloating to extremes. I was taking Mylanta, gas ex and all kinds of products to go to the bathroom. I was bloating after I would eat so extreme I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I even had a few friends ask me if I was pregnant which made me very unhappy!! I had a co-worker tell me how much weight she thought I had gained, in a nice way, if there is such a thing. It would take me 30-45 minutes to have the smallest bowel movements and it hurt me to do all the pushing and sit there in distress. In a 30 day period I had realized I had taken over 12ounces of mylanta (1 large full bottle) would last a person 8 mos a year , maybe several years….that whole bottle was used on me in 1 month.

My lower back hurt all the time it seemed and more-so if I ate a hefty meal or during the night while I was sleeping. It kept me awake aching severely.

As far as vaginal discomfort, I don’t have that. In fact I have nothing! I have zero libido. And when I do have sex, sometimes it starts out well and then after awhile I don’t want it anymore because I am numb inside my vagina. My clitoris does not have feeling in it sometimes either and during sex, a LOT, I just get discouraged. I had to explain this to my boyfriend of over a year now….we just moved in together about 3 months ago and I thought it was just the stress….turns out GLUTEN is zapping all of my vitamin D and calcium and I just have no sex drive or much else at times.

Today, I have literally been up 9 hours and all I did was go to the grocery store, walk my dog and make spaghetti dinner and I am EXHAUSTED and my upper back is killing me. I have only been eating Gluten free for almost 3 weeks and taking very large doses of calcium twice a day spit between meals(15,000 ui) a day and a vitamin D booster of 50,000 ui once weekly for 8 weeks as all directed by my primary physician who ran my celiac panel blood work. My doctor took CELIAC DISEASE and GLUTEN ALLERGY very seriously. She suggested run the panel after I told her of all of my stomach troubles and that I was getting depression also. However, my chiropractor was more helpful after the blood work came back. My doctor just wanted me to see a GI doc…did not even tell me to cut out Gluten yet in my diet. My Chiro said keep doing Yoga, getting massages to help the detox process, which he said is a bitch, and adjustments will help the back pain and bowel movements as well.

After 2 weeks of not eating Gluten..or not as much anyway, because like you sometimes I just do not think something has it and then I oops…my bowel movements have increased to up to 4 even 5 a day. They are normal and NOT painful…..but my body aches like never before. I am 39 and I feel 80. My joints ache, I have trouble recalling things and names that I KNOW I KNOW…..I am so exhausted at times and moody and irritable and with that not many days is there a sex drive. Every now and then I feel amorous and we have to address it right then or it goes away….I get emotional, scared, and very overwhelmed and I just have to keep telling myself to take it easy on myself….exact words from my chiro.

one of the things that overwhelms me the most is what to eat, will I like it and OMG the food prices are crazy rediculous!!

I found that spirulina, chia seed and cilantro and parsley are great for rapid detox. Especially parsley and cilantro. I bought some tonight and am planning to start juicing these items with a little apple or pineapple for taste and I will let you know what results I have.


I will check out the Tapping. I live in Los Angeles and I also in Texas took 2 years of massage school. I have heard of this before either in massage school or maybe here from friends. Thank you and I am very glad I stumbled upon your blog here.

with vast faith we shall all get through this,

Heather T. :0)

stephanie February 21, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Holly – I am one week into detoxing from gluten (and more including most sugar, dairy, etc) and I am feeling worse, not better? I am cranky and my head is pounding. Is this normal? My children are driving my batty and I am tempted to plant them in front of the tv. I just took three aspirin and wondering if I need coffee or what? I just thought I would be better by now. I want to feel good! For one day! I take many supplements but not B – do you think its ok to add it in?

admin February 21, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Hi Stephanie,

Do not be surprised by this at all. It’s like detoxing from caffeine, in a way. It’s also like it is in therapy when we become more conscious of what we have been avoiding, we can feel more upset before we feel less.

I would drink plenty of water. On my site you can find aenergy exercise for relieving headaches that can work wonders with detoxing headaches! I just went through this with a client this week and he was amazed and delighted how much it helped. It is called the Crown Pull and you can find it under…oops! I’ve just redone my site and checked and somehow those didn’t get transferred. I will have to get it up. I suspect, if you look to you tube, you will find someone who has a video of how to do it. That being said, on my site there is a video of how to do basic tapping. You can substitute phrases including this headache, these detoxing symptoms, all this discomfort from detoxing…all this chaos…my kids driving me crazy…

Chlorella is also a great detoxifier, though I don’t know how much it will help with the symptoms you are experiencing.

I hope this helps! The process will be well worth it, and the immediate symptoms should decrease fairly quickly. And yet, I went through a number of healing crises as my body continued on its healing path, each one helping to heal another system that had been affected by the gluten. Yet, all the while, I have continued to feel better and to improve. I still am and that’s exciting news to me! I’m recovering some brain function that I had lost and that’s simply remarkable!

As to the B, though I am not an expert in this area, it seems it’s very important. I take both high levels of B12 and a B-complex recommended by my wizard chiropractor.

All the best!

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